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Recruitment, a vital part of sales and marketing issues

A different view on recruitment in Sales, Marketing and FMCG

In our opinion, recruitment cannot be seen separately from the issues confronting manufacturers today.
"Are managers -in sales and marketing- equipped to tackle the tough issues of today and how do they go about it."
And in these times of margin compensation and assortment rationalizing it comes down to getting the right people. Sales people who can stand up to the power play of major retailers. And to retail know-how.

Bierman leads the way in developments in Food Retail. ECR, category management, trade marketing. Manufacturers commission us to work on trade issues. Assortment-rationalization. De-listing. Pressure on sales conditions and demands for margin compensation. Retailers refusing to accept new products. And retailers blocking necessary price increases.
Through our daily contacts in Food Retail we think we know how far major retailers have advanced and what is expected from manufacturers today.

Frame of reference
Bierman only selects the TOP. Candidates are aware of this. We know about the issues in FMCG and about the opportunities and challenges they deal with every day. Candidates use us as a benchmark. They feel attracted by our approach.
The trade is our frame of reference. In recruitment, this makes sure we have a firm hold on the matter.

Today, it has to be good and fast
The TOP is scarce. Always. No matter how the economy is doing. But TOP quality supply is plentiful if candidates are attracted by an approach centering on quality. Conferring with the client we translate the proposition -the job opening- into an appealing and realistic story.
Our approach of recruitment has a number of interesting aspects.
We do not have the problem of too few good candidates, so we don't experience the delays in recruitment procedures caused by such problems. We keep the process under control. This enables us to execute the recruitment swiftly. We introduce the first candidates within two, three weeks.
And because TOP candidates are responsive to our approach, we are able to introduce several TOP candidates in one assignment. It goes without saying that inadequate candidates are not introduced.

We will be happy to provide actual examples during an exploratory meeting and we welcome your invitation.

The conclusive test
You didn't use our recruitment service but you do happen to have a candidate. And the moment has come to decide if you want to hire this candidate. It's about a crucial post in the organization. Sales Manager, Commercial Director, Commercial Manager, Account Group Manager.
You contemplate a final expertise, a conclusive test. 'Is this candidate able to meet today's ambitious targets? And how will he perform with major retailers like Albert Heijn, Superunie and Kruidvat?' Our understanding of your marketing issues and our daily contacts with [major] retailers in Food Retail and Drug Retail offer you a firm hold on the recruitment of your candidate.
Request information about our 'All In One' approach.

In recruitment, Bierman confine themselves to FMCG and Food, and branches that consider themselves similar in character. With the emphasis on Sales, Marketing and Operations:

Sales & Marketing:

Sales director
Sales manager
Business unit manager
[National] account manager
Export manager
National field manager
Field sales manager
Marketing director
Marketing manager
Product manager
Trade marketer
Category manager
Operations: Chief production officer
Operations manager
Supply chain manager
Plant manager
Manager customer services
Head buying desk
How do you get in touch with the Top in Sales, Marketing and Operations?
Sales/Marketing managers, Human Resource Managers and General management will be informed about our approach through an introductory talk. With practical cases. A meeting about pitfalls in recruitment and the opportunities at hand. Pointing out the details that we keep in special focus during recruitment. About the retailer's category management in your market and the course which major accounts will demand from manufacturers in Sales, Marketing and FMCG in the days to come.
Through our trade research projects and daily contacts with the trade, we are well informed about the issues of the manufacturer, and the solutions. And we know the candidate's market well. That is our frame of reference for recruitment of sales and marketing people.

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The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing is part of our core activities. We frequently participate on head office level or as "front man" in sales talks on the shop floor.
E-mail or call us for an introductory assessment or send this page to a colleague.

An incorrect selection decision costs your
company a minimum of two years salary...
If you recognise and rectify it within
the first six months

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