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Launching new products in FMCG

Bierman offers professional support at three crucial moments in the launching process

Nearly 50% of the products being launched as new fail. What can go wrong? And how can one correct a situation? In an introductory meeting we inform interested manufacturers in FMCG about our approach.
Our newsletter about the crucial moments in the launching process is available on request.

Calling in Bierman to support product introductions has six advantages:

  1. Through our ongoing contacts with all major retailers -at head office as well as at the point of sale- we take the lead in developments in the field of retailing, category management and ECR. We are well informed about the decision making process of retailers and their motives.

  2. Bierman knows what information retailers need. And Bierman knows how to translate this information into effective communication in support of productintroductions. Bierman's category view. Not the manufacturer's language that leads to frequent rejection, but retail language.

  3. Bierman has an extensive retail database with qualitative data of all categories in FMCG. This retail database has been built by us in 27 years. It enables us to provide professional support for introductions in every category.

  4. The consumer shows paradoxical behavior. "What she says and what she buys" are often two different cases. Researching the consumer on shop floor level is of essential importance to prevent bias in traditional consumer research. Bias causes the failure of many introductions. Our techniques for research and interpretation exclude the errors.

  5. Our good relations with major accounts -from shop floor to general management- enable us to provide our category analysis quickly.

  6. After the introduction we 'pilot' the new product together with manufacturer and account management to steer it through its most critical phase (6--12 months).

1. What are the the prime pitfalls frustrating the chance of success for innovations?
One of the worst is "doing your home work routinely while being oblivious to this routine." Assuming that the approach which has succeeded for years to bring forth the retailer's acceptance and entry in the retailer's assortment will still work today. Unprepared to change or not knowing how to change. Forget it. Today, you don't stand a chance this way!

    Lots of market research in innovation projects is really only done to corroborate newly developed ideas instead of it being a critical test. Consumer acceptance has to score at least a 7.5 because the project needs approval by management.
    The pile of research -the number of reports tells you more about the lack of confidence within the organization than about the chances of success- is often a compilation of compromises and faulty interpretations. So there are no spectacular innovations in the pipeline. The consumer isn't waiting for the next new "me too" and neither is the retailer, not at all.
    Quit those tomes full of facts, is our advice. No more meaningless noncommittal reports prone to misinterpretation in any direction, ready for the garbage can. Concentrate on the interpretation of the information and concentrate on those people who overlook the entire haul -including every pitfall. From "newly developed idea all the way through to the presentation of a catchy category view on head office level."
    "What can you expect to find on your way there. Where are new opportunities and challenges?" We change your way of thinking and your view.
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Retail eyes.
E-mail or call us for an introductory exchange of ideas about an upcoming introduction.
Or have investigate your existing assortiment. A strength/weakness analysis. We look with retail eyes at the performance of your products.

The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing is part of our core activitities. At the request of our clients we frequently participate on head office level. And we have a view. Sometimes we have a dissenting view. Top management does not need yes men. Top management is looking for creative, innovative solutions for issues that can be complex.
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