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Core activities of Bierman

  1. Trade marketing and category management.
    We have a strongly condensed but highly effective ''catman approach''

  2. Category analysis. [a component of customer research]
    The analysis of categories from the viewpoint of the retailer.

  3. The implementation
    The translation of findings into practice and support for sales and marketing during implementation.

  4. Focus on today's issues.
    ''Trimming assortments, rationalisation, de-listing. Emphasis on private labels. Increasing promotional pressure and pressure on sales conditions. Retailers refusing to accept new products. A growing list of products not released by buying combinations for admission into the assortment of their members. Rejecting attitude from retailers for joint catman-projects.''
    Processes take longer these days and they are less receptive for influence. Trusted methods have ceased to work. Often this is ignored or not noticed at all. A change in communications with retailers is usually not recognized as a necessity.

  5. Recruitment in sales, marketing and FMCG.
    Today, you need people who are able to get and hold the attention of major retailers without compromising price, conditions and margin compensation.

Bierman's versatile experience, also in your market
Bierman primarily works for clients in FOOD and FMCG and for clients who feel related to these markets. For multinationals but also for medium sized and smaller Sales/Marketing organizations. Among our clients are leading Blue Chip FMCG companies and the world largest Food organisations.

The added value of Bierman
We have a retail-database at our disposal with fundamental data of more than 100 product fields/categories. Furthermore, we capitalize on our versatile experience with many of the foremost manufacturers. In a 45 minutes presentation we demonstrate our added value for your organization.
You and Bierman:
Together we make the best of the Sales/Marketing organization.
[Synergy of retail know-how, professionalism and creativity].

Retail view on trade marketing

The viability of new products in 2014. Nine frequently asked questions.

The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing is part of our core activitities. At the request of our clients we frequently participate on head office level. And we have a view. Sometimes we have a dissenting view. Top management does not need yes men. Top management is looking for creative, innovative solutions for issues that can be complex.
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Bierman's categoryview:
the strongest tool in Food Retail
and Out of Home

P.J. Bierman
Phone: 0315-24.34.94
Email: (<josbierman@fmcg.nl>)