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Backgrounds of Jos Bierman [P.J. Bierman]

Jos Bierman, director/founder of Bierman Marketing Research & Interpretation, started his career as a maritime officer. But he switched over to the world of advertising where he held several professional positions for a number of years.
During this period he discovered in the fmcg-industry a considerable demand for a practical approach of commercial issues, based on customer reseach, category-analysis and trade marketing. At the time, this demand wasn't covered by the existing consultancies.
This observation, linked to the fact that an external consultancy task outside the advertising profession offered more satisfaction, prompted him to establish his agency as an independent consultant in 1976. Specializing in fmcg issues, commercial strategy, business development, recruitment in sales and trade marketing.
Our viewpoint: recruitment cannot be seen separately from its direct environment and from the issues confronting manufacturers today. Device: ''if all goes well, you can still perform better''.

Core activities Bierman

A painting of Rotterdam harbour, painted by Marius de Jongere, keeps it's value

The harbour of Rotterdam in the sixties
70x120 cm

The harbour of Rotterdam in the sixties
60x100 cm

The ore harbour of Rotterdam in the fifties
40x80 cm

You can find images from some other Marius de Jongere paintings on www.fmcg.nl/english/jongere2.htm

We are interested in selling or buying original paintings by Marius de Jongere.
Owners, contemplating the sale or buy of their Marius de Jongere painting,
are hereby invited to get in touch with us.

P.J. Bierman
Phone: +31 315-24.34.94
Email: (<josbierman@fmcg.nl>)