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Zit u op ja-knikkers te wachten? Nee toch.

Staff induction in the Sales- and Marketing organisation [FMCG]
A flying start from day one

Bierman offers a short training course for newcomers in the organisation, leading to a 80% reduction in time needed for settling in.

What is common practice in most organisations?
Usually, new staff depend on their new colleagues to show them the ropes. But no matter how professionally this induction program is applied, it often takes as long as 8 to 12 months (!) until newcomers achieve sufficient feeling with the main areas of interest for the category and their accounts.

Despite good intentions, newcomers are left to fend for themselves early as a result of the existing heavy work load for their supervisors.
And until new staff is 100% functioning in the team without any new surprises coming up, the organisation is spending many months at considerable costs.

One year cycle
More often than not, a cycle of one year is needed "to have seen it all." Also, this period of time is generally thought to be necessary to be able to evaluate people in their new job.
Furthermore, the duration and the costs of a hurried induction program are usually underestimated.
Even talent -in marketing and sales- who may be expected to be quick in picking up on new developments, need time to get used to the new working environment. This holds true also for experts in their new job who remain working in their category. Because every category has its own rules, singularities and laws.

Newcomers operational and productive as soon as possible
Bierman's clinic typically spans 2-3 days [depending on complexity] and it leads to a cut in time needed induct newcomers by 80%.
In fact, the issue of newcomers in the organisation is about two questions: "which information is most relevant and what is considered redundant?" And "which minimum of information in the sales/marketing organisation is necessary for a maximum performance?"
And this is not a matter of digging through a few feet of Nielsen books or GFK-reports, but it's a matter of techniques that we ourselves -successfully- apply in our category analysis.

The techniques that ensure that newcomers in marketing and sales
a. will be operational and productive in the shortest possible time and
b. will get acceptance from major retailers are available.
For your organisation as well.

Information overkill

The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing during implementation is part of our core activitities. We are frequently requested by manufacturers to participate in sessions on head office level. There, we stand up for the category view and the sales/account management plan for cooperation.

Quality of information
determines the versatility of the sales organisation.

Not quantity

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