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The professional user

A different view on account management in Foodservices

For manufacturers, the professional user is rapidly increasing in importance. It is at the same time a market even insiders call complex.
Wholesale traders, hotel and catering industry, 'businesses institutes and organizations' -each with their own role and buyer behaviour- all of these create a market with little transparency. Furthermore, a factor creating even more complications for manufacturers in their marketing process is the decision making unit inside 'businesses institutes and organizations'.
This DMU usually consists of several managers and contact levels, with a widely differing impact on the commercial process.

Core task.
Major market suppliers like Sodexho, Compass, Albron and Deli XL dominate the market picture here. Catering company and wholesale trader make contracts specifying the assortiment and distribution. Account management of the manufacturer acts as the "spider in the web". Core task: managing the distribution.
Besides operational aspects, the commercial relationship has primarily intrinsic aspects. One fascinating question for manufacturers and business units: "how to reach the preferred supplier status in the multifaceted Foodservices market at the cost of my opponents".
And a second intriguing question: 'how can we manipulate this complex market at a minimum of cost.
Manufacturers planning to excel in Foodservices in the years to come, can invite us for a tentative exchange of ideas.

Top account management in Foodservices.
There´s a growing awareness that account management in Foodservices differs considerably from account management in Food Retail and Out of Home. This is one of the findings of our research into the quality of account management in Foodservices.
In Food Retail and Out of Home the focus is first and foremost on realizing distribution and promotion. In Foodservices however it is primarily a matter of 'knowing and managing the processes and convincing people'.
Account managers succeeding in this market combine a thorough knowledge of the channels with considerable power of persuasion and other commercial talents.

We like to meet candidates who are interested in the process management aspects of BtoB and Foodservices.

The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing is part of our core activitities. We frequently participate on head office level or as "front man" in sales talks on the shop floor.
E-mail or call us for an introductory assessment or send this page to a colleague.

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