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A temporary contract
can easily be converted
into a permanent

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Temporary staffing in FMCG

Bring in our marketeers and sales professionals
One of the major bottlenecks in sales/marketing organisations today is the delay of projects caused by high work pressure. It frequently happens that strategic projects are postponed for months at a time because of a shortage in managers and capacity.
Other projects are handled haphazardly for the same reasons, and these fail because the preparations were insufficient in quality. This leads to a situation where an extra effort in "service and repair" becomes necessary for the organisation, with loss of turnover and profit margin, disturbed trade relations and targets in turnover and profit falling beyond reach.

Bierman's new FMCG initiative for Temporary staff / Interim Management is the answer to the demand for a flexible task force of managers in Sales and Marketing.
It is the solution for a temporary shortage in capacity which can arise when a job opening needs to be filled temporarily, when a new project is launched or in the cases where a specific expertise needs to be brought in to handle a particular situation.

Flexibly deployable professionals in FMCG with versatility are scarce
Flexibly deployable professionals in FMCG are scarce. This is a fact for marketing executives and sales executives, but also for general management, market researchers and trade marketeers. We have a small network of top professionals skilled with multinationals in FMCG and/or small and medium sized organisations.
And we work fast without time consuming delays as we know that skills and speed are 2 components for success in temporary staffing.

Our clients can use the professionals from Bierman:

  1. On a project basis, at the start of new projects
  2. When a temporary job opening needs to be filled in
  3. Whenever an existing position needs to be temporarily held during a recruitment procedure in marketing, sales, trade marketing, market research and category analysis.
  4. If the current work load of the sales- and marketing team would prevent expansion of new tasks that are strategically essential
  5. As sparring partner and complementary to existing know how in marketing and commercial strategies in your organisation
  6. In case of a cost control operation in personnel management
  7. Fulltime or parttime

Bierman can be deployed -on or off location- in the following fields:

  1. The introduction of new products
  2. The relaunch of existing products
  3. Product development
  4. Improvement insufficient distribution positions [numerical, weighed]
  5. Trade marketing [plan and implementation]
  6. Category management
  7. Category analysis
  8. Categoryview [and pingpong sessions at head-office level]
  9. Improvement dialogue with major accounts
  10. Buying desks, European sourcing
  11. Cutting across unyielding buying structures
  12. Account plan
  13. Promotion management and analysis
  14. Sales management
  15. Account management
  16. Preferred supplier status [supplier marketing, category leader]
  17. Market research
  18. Ecr, supply chain management, logistics view
  19. Commercial strategy
  20. Management information systems
  21. Local marketing
  22. Sales forces
  23. Sparring partner for Sales and General management
  24. Foodservice, Business to Business
Additional support
Bierman's job at temporary assignments has three elements:
  1. The introduction of candidates with quality performance.

  2. Provide an external evaluation method to test the temporary manager during the runtime of the project. Bierman knows the issues. Commissioned by prominent manufacturers, we have supervised preparations for many product introductions, mostly up to and including the actual presentation at head offices of retail organizations.
    In complex situations -for instance building up distributions in saturated markets that were tightly closed- we have been able to force a breakthrough.

  3. Providing a replacement in case the temporary manager falls ill. And replacing the temporary manager in case of inadequacy. We like to stay ahead of any calamities, preventing these to happen at all. That's why Bierman prefers to stay involved with the project, keeping in touch with both the client and their temporary manager. (This method of recruitment reduces the chance of malfunction in the relationship between client and temporary manager to practically nil.)
Call for a tentative exchange of ideas. Or for a briefing.
To be able to make a proposal, we first need information. "What are the issues at hand, when should the project be completed. And what calibre of professional do have in mind."
This information is usually provided in a tentative meeting. Subsequently, we are able to come forward with a proposal for candidates and costs.
It's possible that a client prefers a permanent new staff member instead of a temporary professional. Interim management can sometimes be an alternative, considering the scarceness of the market for specific professionals.
You will receive information about our approach in recruitment by clicking the relevant link at the bottom of this page.

We encourage experienced professionals to call us if they prefer temporary assignments.
Bierman is continually scanning for experienced professionals in FMCG.
For the realisation of projects, meeting the new demand caused by a shortage in capacity in the Sales/Marketing organisation.
For a period of 1-3 months or longer, part time or full time. During a few days a week or spanning all week. They will carry out assignments on or off location in Sales, Account management, Marketing, Trade marketing, Market research and category analysis.
Call us for information: 0315-24.34.94

Also see the next page about another view on recruitment in Sales, Marketing and FMCG.

The advice. The implementation
Bierman's consultancy doesn't stop at providing advice. Translating the findings into practice and supporting Sales and Marketing is part of our core activitities. At the request of our clients we frequently participate on head office level. And we have a view. Sometimes we have a dissenting view. Top management does not need yes men. Top management is looking for creative, innovative solutions for issues that can be complex.
E-mail or call us for an introductory assessment or send this page to a colleague.

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